Perspective is Everything

Lauren DahlhauserComment
I took this during my recent visit back home over Thanksgiving Break.  This dock overlooks the lake in front of my house in Kokomo. 

I took this during my recent visit back home over Thanksgiving Break. This dock overlooks the lake in front of my house in Kokomo. 

So I'm a thinker. A deep thinker. A person who thinks too much.

I mean seriously, here I am thinking about the fact that I think! 

I find myself looking back and comparing back-then to now, and I do a lot of self-reflection as a result. But maybe this isn't such a bad thing?

I've noticed that when I go home for breaks and step out of the college life that has become such a huge part of my daily routine, I really begin to realize how much things have changed over time. When longer periods of time pass between visits back home, change is more noticeable. Certain places and scents and people become more sentimental because they bring back memories from the past that have been tucked away for a while.

When I'm at school, I am so busy with homework and having so much fun with my friends that I'm distracted from the reality of time passing. 

To put things into perspective, I'm sitting here in my little Muncie home I've lived in for two years now realizing that it has been nearly FOUR YEARS since I've graduated. My best friend from high school graduated last year (a year early), is married, and is taking care of her five-month-old child. Going into my freshman year I had NO idea I'd be graduating with degree in photojournalism. I've gone from going home frequently at the start of my college career, easily homesick, to hardly ever visiting my hometown because I'm so involved and so in love with college life and the people I've bonded with. Shy, insecure, uncertain freshman Lauren has nearly completely faded away.It's amazing to think that the college experience was the key to my transformation.

I wouldn't consider myself the most secure and fearless person on the planet, but I'm definitely more sure of myself and the person I want to be. I've overcome a lot of fear and a lot of obstacles which have opened doors for more areas of growth in my life. 

If I could make it happen, I'd make sure every teenager had the resources to live out the college experience. I am beyond thankful for the good times I've had and the amazing people that have walked into my life. It hasn't always been an easy ride, but it's been a fun and eventful ride that has shaped me into the person I am now.

I'm sad I only have one more semester, but it is going to be great. And I can't wait to let my post-college experiences, whatever they may be, mold me into an even better version of who I am today.