Lauren Dahlhauser2 Comments

Sitting here, realizing I couldn't concentrate on studying because I have too many other thoughts buzzing around in my mind, I felt suddenly inspired to write a blog post. With midterms coming up, I really need to focus, but how can I when the thought of time flying by is always in the back of my head? It's like there's never enough time in a day to get done all that needs to get done, let alone what I'd just love to get around to if time allowed.


Time. Why do we feel so constrained by time? Is there a reason to be? It seems we focus more on planning out our days to make sure we get done a certain amount of things in a certain order in a certain amount of time than we do just DOING.

So I'm guilty of this; there's no hiding the fact. In turn, I spend my time beating myself up for not checking off certain to-do's on my checklist and worrying myself about all that needs to get done in the near (and far) future. Rationally, what good does this do? Why is it so hard to stay focused within the present without any distractions of the past and future butting in and stealing focus from what is going on in the now?

When I take the time to think about the pointlessness of feeling like I could have accomplished more or needing to get an unreasonable amount of things done by a certain day and time, I reevaluate where I'm placing my focus in life. Sure it's good to learn from the past and plan out our futures to a certain extent, but the present is what is happening now. We need to accept that we can only do our best. We are only capable of so much. It's good to dedicate a portion of our busy lives to evaluating where we are placing our focus. Take a walk. Have a cup of coffee by the fireplace. Swing for a while at the park. Relax. Evaluate. Refocus.