Spring Break • The Big Windy City

Lauren Dahlhauser1 Comment

Life has a way of keeping you busy sometimes. So busy, that blogging gets placed on the back burner. I have been wanting to update my blog with my days spent in Chicago for a while now (and I'm finally doing it), but these last couple of weeks have been absolutely crazy! My to-do list kept building to a more and more unfathomable length with school and family related things that I had to focus on knocking some things off of it before I went crazy. We've all been there right? Well, the hectic whirlwind of chaotic running around has finally calmed down to a point where I can blog and relax somewhat, so now it's time to share my Chicago adventures. I took more pictures than I've shared below (of course), but I did my best to narrow them down to the highlights of my trip. 

So I spent all of my time roaming the streets of Chicago with these two amazing people. Nicole and Dante are great friends from college with a passion for traveling and adventure like me. Needless to say, this shared passion made the trip that much more enjoyable. Here we are standing in the heart of downtown after a good while spent at the infamous Chicago Bean. Despite how chilly it was, we were there for so long staring at our reflections and goofing around to get silly pictures. Unlike Dante and I, Nicole had never been to Chicago, so she was experiencing the bean for the very first time! 

Walking around the bean was just one of the many things we did during our stay in Chicago. Our trip wasn't complete until we took a stroll down Michigan Avenue, walked by Crown Fountain, and experienced the Sky Deck of Willis Tower! 

And can we please take a moment to admire the beauty that is the top floor of the Chicago Public Library? I felt like I was in a magical palace. This place really does exist.

It was so great to explore the city with another photographer. When you are walking around and stopping every five seconds to capture everything that catches your eye, it's nice to be with someone who has the patience and understanding to wait for you. 

Thanks for the adventures Chicago. Until next time!