A road trip begins • Chicago-bound

Lauren DahlhauserComment

There really is something about being able to de-stress and realign the mind on long car rides. My good friend, Nicole, and I departed from Muncie this afternoon on a much anticipated road trip to Chicago! So it's not exactly the beach, and it's certainly not much warmer than central Indiana (which would be an absolute delight for a change), but it's CHICAGO. And it's semi-close compared to the beach. And a good friend is letting us stay with him while we are there. AND Nicole has never been.

There. Four perfectly solid reasons that justify us not being on a beach for our Spring Break. Plus, I'm a firm believer that fun can sincerely be had anywhere as long as you're truly up for a good time, exploring with an adventurous spirit, and accompanied by a good friend or two. It's all about the people and the experiences, not the place. (Although let's be real. The place can, without a doubt, be an enhancing factor.)

So we took our good ol' time getting ready to leave today. We've made it a point to go on this trip with a very go-with-the-flow mindset. We have a few things on our we-absolutely-must-do-these-things-while-we-are-in-Chicago list, but we will be in the city until Tuesday or Wednesday. We have time. There is no rush. Plus, things never go exactly as planned anyways. So we are making this a very laid-back, adventurous trip.

On our way up to Chicago, Nicole and I stopped just 30 minutes outside of our destination in Crown Point, Indiana. The exit off the highway lead us into this gorgeous downtown area where this breathtaking courthouse stood. It was surrounded by cute little shops and a surprising amount of antique stores. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to capture some of the highlights.


Even though it was freezing outside (and I'd forgotten my gloves in the car) I could NOT stop taking pictures and standing in awe of the courthouse! So maybe I'm easily amused, but beauty like this should be admired every once in a while.  


Nicole and I spent a good portion of our evening walking around Crown Point until the sun set. We found a Starbucks down the road where we relaxed for a bit, chatting and passing time, until we were on our way again toward Crete, Illinois. Tomorrow we'll head into the big Windy City, where the real adventure will begin!