Turning the Page • A new chapter of life

Lauren DahlhauserComment

Well, one week of living in the big city has come and gone and all I can say is: I SURVIVED. 

The NYC skyline from Brooklyn Bridge Park.

The NYC skyline from Brooklyn Bridge Park.

I say it like that because I'm not a city girl, nor have I ever taken this big of a leap in life on my own.

Before I settled down out here in Brooklyn, New York, I wondered how I’d manage in such a big place. To be honest, I have never seen myself as one with the confidence (or comfort due to lack of experience) to strut city streets with the fearless, bold attitude needed to avoid getting walked on in New York (or so the movies make it seem). There’s no denying that the fast-paced hustle bustle of city life is FAR from the slower-paced more open area I’m accustomed to. Plus, I simply can’t live too long without vast landscapes to complement breathtaking midwest sunsets. It’s kind of hard to find open areas like that in New York. (Yes, this place has caused me to realize the fact that I take Indiana’s cornfields for granted. Did I just say I miss cornfields? I did.) 

However, trees are not nonexistent here believe it or not. In my head before truly experiencing New York, I’d somehow convinced myself that this place was nothing but an obnoxious amount of buildings, people, and pollution. Well, my ignorant assumption was wrong. New York is much more than that.

I haven’t experienced openness to the extent of life out in the country, but there are plenty of beautiful parks surrounding my residence in Brooklyn… not to mention the abundance of cute, cozy coffee shops that also make me feel a little more at home. I still have yet to make my way up to Central Park and Time Square, which I’ve heard are amazing. And there are a number of other beautiful attractions nearby, but despite the fact that I’m settled in an 11-story building surrounded by countless other tall structures, Brooklyn Heights is beautiful. Now that I’ve had a week to adapt (slowly but surely) to such a different place, I can see why many people love it here. It’s still a lot for me to take in and I’m not going to sit here and say I’ll ever perfectly fit the New Yorker profile, but who knows what the next 3 months have in store for me. Maybe I’ll change my mind. In the least, at the end of the summer I will be more experienced and more cultured. These are two things I am passionate about. It is why I want to travel the world. 

New York may not be a different country, but a different lifestyle? Without a doubt. I miss home sometimes because that is where I’m comfortable and surrounded by people I know and love, but I’m excited to grow this sense of home in more places. I don’t think it’s wise to keep yourself rooted in one place. We have all this time to grow so why not branch out to see new places and meet new people? Our roots will always be where we grew up; they aren’t going anywhere. Why go through life as a small plant when we can blossom and grow into strong, beautiful, magnificent trees?

I may be a wee sprout right now, but I know that I will grow and blossom through this experience. That’s what I hope all of my future travels will do. God has so graciously opened this door for me to complete an internship in Brooklyn where He wants me to do great things and make my home for three months. That's just what I plan to do. I’m still getting used to such a big change, but I’m ready to grow from it. I really am I’m blessed to have this opportunity. 

Here’s to a life changing experience in New York!  (And a Canon selfie to accompany my first New York blog post.) ...THREE MONTHS. I can do this. Let the adventures begin.