Saturday Evening in Brooklyn

Lauren DahlhauserComment

There's so much I want to say because there is so much on my mind right now. (How could there not be when I'm going on week three in New York?!) But this past Saturday doesn't require much - not because it wasn't special, but because it was just a lovely time with lovely people. It was great to share and spend a relaxing evening with two great friends walking down the boardwalk lining Brooklyn Heights and laughing along the way. I needed this after two weeks of craziness and mad adaption to so much change. 

Hayli and Aubrey live in Manhattan, but they are just a subway ride away. I am excited to see what future weekend adventures bring! Until then, I couldn't help but capture these two natural beauties as we sat on the boardwalk overlooking the blazing sunset sinking beneath the city skyline. What a sight to behold.