Thank you, New York

Lauren DahlhauserComment

Sitting here in the lobby of what I've called home for over two months now, I'm left wondering, where did the summer go? I walked through here a couple months ago thinking, "Wow, August is so far in the future. It's going to be along summer away from the Midwest."

I remember leaving for New York, anxious and excited for a new life experience I knew would be unlike any other I'd had before, but also wondering if I'd make it through the summer in a place so different from where I usually call home with people I had never met before. Would I end up loving the city? Would I get lonely? Would I become overwhelmed by all the new? Would I adapt well to a forty hour work week? Would I find my place and "fit in"? 

Well, to sum up how I feel now, considering the fact that I only have the rest of this week and the next before I'm Indiana-bound: I wouldn't trade this experience for the world. 

New York has opened my eyes in so many ways. I grew as a person and as a professional. My confidence, self-esteem, and knowledge base grew to new heights. I met a significant amount of interesting people from around the country and around the world, and was blessed with a number of opportunities to visit so many interesting and beautiful places in New York City. I was even able to venture up to the Appalachian Trail! I truly felt immersed in a culture and lifestyle so different from my own to a point where I can say I got a true taste of what it feels like to roam the streets of a big city and feel like a local. I mean, I was even asked for directions multiple times toward the end of the summer (and I was usually able to give people accurate directions, despite my directional-challengedness). I'd be lying if I said I wasn't proud.

My time in New York has been incredible on so many levels. I am now a master of subway transportation. I've officially been to Times Square. I've seen the sun set behind the Manhattan skyline. I've walked the Brooklyn Bridge. The list goes on and on. Now I'm even bold enough to shove people out of the way when I'm trying to get to where I need to go in a crowd! (HA. Just kidding about that last one. I still say sorry when other people bump into me, who am I kidding.)  

But serious tangent. I can now understand why adult life can be so exhausting. I don't even have kids I'm raising or a 6:00 a.m. wake up call, but at the end of a forty hour work week, I'm beat tired!  Hard labor isn't even a part of my job and I still feel utterly exhausted at the end of the week. All of you working parents out there, mad respect for you. Mom, Dad, I'm sorry I ever gave you trouble as a child.

Thank goodness I have one more year of college left. It will be cherished.

Although this internship didn't end up solidifying where I want to go in the future like I hoped it would, it at least helped me realize certain paths I don't want to walk down, and I'm thankful for that. I worked for the incredibly talented Sarah Kehoe ( Although I appreciate it, I've decided that the pursuing the fashion industry as a lifelong career is not for me. It was so neat to work for someone who was so willing to share her knowledge with me, though. Experiencing what it is like to be on set behind the scenes of day-long fashion photoshoots was amazing, too. This experience was a blessing.

Thank you for an unforgettable summer, New York. Until next time.

ps. Before I leave for home, I'll be sure to post a picture-intensive blog post of all of my summer highlights (since I was unable to keep a weekly log of my explorations throughout the last couple of months.) This will probably be more interesting to those of you who don't want to read my ramblings all the time. Once I start typing, I keep typing. *Insert "talking" and the statement is still accurate.* :)