It's time to turn the page.

Lauren DahlhauserComment

I’m writing this blog post because I feel like a lot of my friends in college can relate. I also feel like those of you who have graduated and moved on can relate. And if you don’t yet, you will soon. 

So I’m a little over 3 short months away from graduating. I’m going to pose the cliche question: where did the time go? In response to this I’m going to pose the question: why is it so common for us to complain about time passing? Haven’t we lived long enough to realize and *accept* that time cannot be stopped and that moments come and go. 

Chapters of life are played out and they end only to move on to the next one. Page by page our lives pan out like a book and they keep turning and turning and turning.

Aren’t books meant to be read front to back? Why then, do I want to keep rereading certain sentences and certain chapters? Good ones and bad ones alike. Constantly, I’m going back in time and trying so hard to remember the sweet, cherished memories. I want nothing more than to relive them in the present. Sometimes I even find myself hung up on the bad memories though. The ones that seem to haunt me no matter how hard I try to let them go. 

Today I was hit with some hard realities.

It doesn’t take Einstein to realize nobody gets through life without a bad or good moment. The beauty is that the bad moments make the good ones better. Although we want to at times, if we go back and try to rip out all the bad pages, we wouldn’t be the same person we are to this day. The good times we had and will have following a bad one would never have panned out the same because our experiences build off of one another. At the same time, we can never relive the past exactly how it was, no mater how hard we try. 

I find myself trying to recreate the good times I’ve had in the past constantly. I may be half-successful, but never fully. Then, I’m disappointed. Should I really feel disappointed if I actually had a good time though? It seems that my attempts at trying to recreate the past lead to uneccessary disappointment and take away joy I could be experiencing in the present.

The past is the past. It cannot be relived. We need to quit wasting time trying. 

I don’t say this to bring anybody down. I say this because if we come to terms with passing time, letting things go, and focusing on the present and future alone, life would be SO much easier to deal with. We can stop placing our focus on, as Jack Johnson’s song goes: sitting, waiting, wishing. 

Forgive and forget. Be hopeful. Have some faith. Figure out what you want and go for it. Move forward, not backward, and avoid stagnancy. There is and always has been good to come. Don’t waste your time trying to live up to expectations. Time is precious. This reality becomes so real when a certain chapter of life is about to end. But a new chapter is about to start. Isn’t that a blessing in itself?