Sitting at the Crossroads

Lauren DahlhauserComment

June 27, 2015 • Marrakech, Morocco {flashback}

Sitting here on the roof of the third place I’ve called my ‘home’ in Marrakech now, birds chirping behind the distant sound of drums and music coming from Jamaa El Fnaa, sun shining, the smell of Moroccan street food mixed with a warm summer breeze... I wonder if what I’m experiencing is really real. Just over a month ago I was in Muncie, Indiana, walking across the stage in disbelief I was even graduating. 16 years of school done. Just like that. At the end of a chapter with a new on in sight, not knowing what the next stages of life would bring. I was free, sitting on a rooftop in Africa on my first trip abroad by myself. At the foot of a once in a lifetime experience to work for a company that will push me to grow tremendously as both a photographer and a leader.

August 28, 2015 • Kokomo, Indiana

Fast forward to here and now: here being my hometown of Kokomo, Indiana, “now” being just two months after I sat down to write the above journal entry 4 weeks into my summer spent abroad in Morocco. (Did it really happen or was it a dream?)

On that afternoon on the rooftop of my riad in Marrakech when I sat down to journal, excitement, adventure, doubt, disbelief, and the passing of time sat at my feet. And here I am in Kokomo, Indiana, sitting under the gazebo at the edge of the lake next to my home, realizing a new form of excitement, new adventures, similar doubts, a sense of disbelief, and time still passing sit at my feet on another continent, even.

No matter where we are in life, we are always faced with the excitement of what is to come next and the inevitable doubt that things will turn out in the near future as we’d envisioned or as others hope they would for us. It’s hard to avoid letting doubts about ourselves and our futures seep into our minds as we take the next steps forward when so much is expected of us and the pressure of “succeeding” is always whispering in our ears.

Life is full of big choices and the freedom of being able to choose the next path of life can be daunting, but it is also a huge blessing. It’s about mindset and seeing these times of life were we feel like we don’t have what it takes to succeed and turning it into a form of patience and growing faith, and remembering that it’s not about our timing, it’s about God’s. It’s about seeing the combination of the unknown and vast freedom of walking our own paths of life as an exciting journey with many adventures to be had. It’s about knowing we may fail, but that we will grow from these failures and we will be made more into the image of what God wants us to be throughout the this journey we call life. If we weren’t faced with tough choices, I guarantee life would be a bore and we’d start wishing we could go back to the adventure-filled life of making our own choices with God by our sides, every step of the way.