Susannah + Bryan • Engaged

Lauren DahlhauserComment

This is one of the most special sessions I've ever captured. For context, this is my best friend, Susannah, and her lovely fiance, Bryan at Mounds State Park in Anderson, Indiana.

I look up to both of them very much, but especially Su. She is one of the most well-grounded, loving, intelligent, accepting, and wise souls I've ever crossed paths with. When I met her in a bible study group my freshman year of college, I just knew we would be close. We roomed together our sophomore year and moved into a house together our last two years at Ball State. To this day, a year out of school, despite the distance, she has remained one of my dearest companions. I cannot WAIT to see her get married to Bryan in June.

 It meant so much to me that these two would have me capture the love I've seen blossom between them over the last few years. I hope you enjoy looking through images of Su and Bryan in this perfectly sun kissed session.