Frozen Lakeshore Adventure

Lauren DahlhauserComment

I feel very fortunate to live in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It has been a year for me as of January 25th.

Those who have lived here their whole lives might think differently, but goodness. There really aren’t many places you can live on on planet Earth where you can experience all four seasons in the calendar year AND live within an hour drive of city, forest, and beach. Not to mention, that all along the lakeshore, there is some incredible hiking; and in the city, there are a ridiculous amount of local restaurants, breweries, and distilleries to choose from. It’s a growing city full of creatives that really doesn’t feel much like a city. There are plenty of urban and scenic backdrops to choose from for photo sessions and numerous amounts of parks to explore. It’s honestly perfect for me.

Since I’ve moved here, I’ve always wanted to see the lakeshore in a frozen state. I had seen pictures of Lake Michigan frozen over and knew that they didn’t do it justice. I needed to experience it in person for myself.

This past weekend, I FINALLY trekked out to Saugatuck State Park to walk along the shore. I was accompanied by my good friend, Lauren, and her brother, Scotty. I was completely overwhelmed at how surreal the frozen water looked. It was cool to see that Lo and Scotty were just as mesmerized even though they’ve lived in Michigan their whole lives.

We were even surprised by some snowfall which made the adventure even more magical. The next set of images is really just a random assortment of candid fun and snowy portraits. I hope these inspire you to get out there if you live in Michigan! If you don’t, come visit. Michigan is pretty great.