Kayla • Heritage Hill HISTORIC District

Lauren DahlhauserComment

It feels so good to get back into blogging again. Life has been quite exciting as of late and I guess you could say I’ve been distracted. I plan on writing a little “Lauren Life Update” post soon as a little introduction to the new faces that have been coming by, but also to give those of you who have been following me a little update on the big changes I’ve made and adventures I’ve had in the past year! Time is flying and I have experienced so much, but one thing has remained the same: I am still madly in love with portraiture. If anything, my love and passion for capturing people has only grown. I am so thankful for this creative outlet.

The following set of images were pretty spontaneous. Kayla has been one of the sweetest connections I’ve made since moving to Grand Rapids, Michigan. I always love photographing her. These were all taken at dusk just as the sun was setting. It wasn’t bright because it was so cloudy, but I am in LOVE with the moody vibes we got because of it. We didn’t plan on shooting in the historic district of Grand Rapids, but I am so glad we did. There are some drop-dead gorgeous homes/offices in the area. The building that looks like a castle at the end is actually a dentist’s office!